Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Correction.....Happy Be-lated BLOG-A-VERSARY !!! Sorry, I'm a day late but YAAAAAAY!!!!!
When I first started this blog thing, I was months away from my wedding and was in complete bridal mode. I wanted to use this space as an outlet to document a colossal moment in my life. A girl only gets married once {well, that's the plan at least}, so why not write about it. As I started to explore blogger, I couldn't believe how many beautiful & fascinating blogs were out there. You can only guess how flabbergasted I was when I came across oodles and oodles of all these charming wedding blogs. I was in wedding heaven. My bridal magazines were shamelessly put aside and tucked away. Blogger became my go to and served as my inspirational board and diary.
Despite the fact that I have a list of daily blog reads, sadly I have yet to try and circulate with other bloggers. On some levels I can be quite shy... but that will definitely change soon. I've learned that many people here are business owners and use Blogger as a medium for networking, therefore comments are important for feed backs. Others are here to share their passions in life in hopes they can inspire others... so it's important to support fellow bloggers and give credit where credit is due. Which reminds me, I should thank my lovely cousins at Charms & Cupcake and Sweet Lily Pie for serving as my inspirations to starting my own blog... So thank you dolls!!!
Since my wedding, I have tried to broaden my horizon by sharing different aspects of my life & interest. Right now I'm blissfully basking in married life and enjoying all the simple {and not so simple} things I've been blessed with. Although I only blog a few times a month, I ♥ doing it regardless of whether or not anyone reads my blog or finds me interesting {but I sure hope you do:)}.

***Disclaimer: If you have read my blog in the past year, you can probably guess that I am not a professional writer nor do I try to be. So please forgive me for all my misspelled words or wrong usage of words and punctuation. I consider myself more as an active participant reader rather than an actual writer. Hence my sporadic blog entries throughout the year. Also, had I known what a great big world blogger is, and how many blogs out there had the title All Things Fabulous or some variation of it... I would of likely chosen something different. I guess great minds think alike!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

bye-bye will power

Before dashing off to date night, hubby gave into my momentary of weakness & made a quick stop at Nordstrom. Remember that one ounce of will power, well it has desolated into thin air.
And look what magically appeared:
1. Colorblock Bolted Bangles: after seeing these in person, NO was no longer an option. 2. Colorblock Heart Dome Ring: imagine how delighted I was when I discovered that it had an adjustable ring in the center! This is climbing up to my top fave rings.
***pictures via iphone
Although I had no intentions of purchasing new makeup {at least not last night}, I just couldn't say no to a friendly sales associate, especially one that works at the CHANEL make up counter.
1. CHANEL Moisturizing Bronzing Powder {Limited Edition} in Bronze Rose: although this is a bronzer, it's also a great alternative for blush, giving my cheeks a perfect cheeky glow! 2. CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadows in Spices: loven' this color palate! Sorry, the picture does not do the colors justice, but trust that they are gorg!

Friday, April 15, 2011

love. want. need. vol. 1

Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories are simply irresistible this season! Spring fever has completely compelled me. I just cannot get enough of these bolt of colors! I'm currently grasping tightly to my last ounce of will power, which is the only thing preventing me from clicking the purchase button... that and the mere fact the rings come only in one sz {fits sz 6-8}, which sadly exclude my tiny fingers. Disappointed but also ironically relieved! Oh what I would have done for that "Colorblock Heart" Dome Ring.
And those bangles, look how they shamelessly flirt, further fueling my obsession. I'm already envisioning rows of color dangling down my arm/wrist and brightening up a white tee & jeans day.
Love em. Want em. Need em.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diet Coke Lagerfeld style

Karl Lagerfeld is most notably known as head designer and creative director for the fashion house of Chanel & Fendi . He is taking his fierceness & talents to Coca Cola once again by collaborating and designing his second limited edition bottles for his favorite beverage, the Diet Coke . These bottles are absolute hauteness! All 3 individual bottles are done up in hot pink & white, with either diamonds, stripes or polka dots... and of course a picture of his famous "pony-tailed, white-collared silhouette." My favorite piece is the hot pink cap! Details are everything!!!

Although I'm not a fan of Diet Coke or any diet beverages for that matter, these are worth making an exception for. Besides, these beauties are made for displaying not for drinking! Be on the lookout because they will be arriving on the shelves at select specialty stores this June.
***if anyone happens to spot them in the near future before I do ... perhaps you can kindly think of me:)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It occurred to me a few days ago that my one year anniversary with Blogger is vastly approaching! And like most occasions worth celebrating, one must celebrate in style!!! As you can see I did a little revamping with my page. My banner was in dire need of a makeover. I had a few trial & errors when it came to choosing the layout & color palette, but eventually narrowed it down. I hope you all enjoy the new look. Below are a few of the runner-ups that you may see in the future:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my man

Although hubby's birthday is not until the 14th of this month, our tradition has always been to start celebrating early. In our household, birthday gifts are a big deal! But before I get into the details of hubby's gifts, let me tell u a little bit more about my man. I'll start by adding a disclaimer:

***My hubby is obviously human and has many flaws. As I list all the wonderful qualities about him, I assure you that there is a list probably equally as long that annoy the heck out of me! But this post is strictly about my adoration for my man.***

With that said, My man is pretty incredible. He is the perfect balance of handsome but scruffy, sexy & meaty, smart & goofy, sweet & romantic. When it comes to my mood swings, his patience is almost limitless... almost being the operative word...there were a few occasions where he rightfully had to put my pain in da ass in check! He is someone who would rather spend his weekend out to dinner & a movie than in the clubs. At any event, he is the first one to crack a joke or make fun of his friends. Yesss, he can be a jerk at times, but he does it to their faces! Funny is an understatement. My man is kind. simple. ambitious. strong. sensitive. humble. respectful. athletic. hilarious. selfless. stylish. forgiving... one word that sums it all up is freaken A M A Z I N G!!!

What guy in their right mind would spend a day at the mall with his wife, sister-in-law, & mother-in-law without an ounce of complaint? My man
What man will come home on his lunch break to get laundry done so his sleeping beauty can get some rest? My man
What man will max out his credit cards to give his bride her dream wedding? My man
What man plays video games instead of complaining while his wife takes her time to get ready even though they are running late? My man
What man gives his girl a birthday card with Chris Rock's face & voice on it because it was funny? My man
What man surprises his wife at work on New Year's Eve so they can kiss at the stroke of midnight? My man
What man gives up his chance to get a Rolex so his wife can get one first? {now that's love!} My man
What man plays hooky from work so he can stay in bed with his lady? My man
What man often texts his wife just to remind her how much he loves her. My man

So, what do you get a man who is this amazing??? For the past several years, hubby's Christmas/birthday gifts have consist of paid vacations, flat screen tv, latest video game systems, MacBook, snowboards, fancy name brand shoes, clothing, & accessories to keep his swag on {sorry, I normally hate using the word swag}. That may make him sound a bit high maintenance but that's just the opposite! Hubby doesn't really ask for much. For the most part I'm always pushing him to get something over the top. So when he does finally decide on something, I do my best to provide.

Since Christmas, he has been babbling about Beats by Dre Studio Headphones but wanted to wait for the release of the iPad 2 to pair them with. I assumed that his Birthday wish list would compose of these items. When I asked him exactly what he wanted, I was shocked when he said a new set of tires. Tires??? WHT??? Who would ask for tires for their bday gift???... I guess my man! LOL!!! I don't drive, therefore I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to cars. Apparently tires are pretty costly and hubby just did not want to spend all that money on something practical. Well, guess what?.. either did I! Christmas/Birthdays are not meant for practical gifts!!!
To make a long story short... after a trip at the mall, hubs walked away with some cool new toys. As you all can see, we're not too big on surprise gifts.
1. New iPod Touch: Phew!!! Luckily for me, hubs decided on this instead of the iPad 2.
2. Beats by Dre Studio Headphones : I still don't get all the hype on these things. I personally prefer to have something with bling hanging from my ears, but that's just me.
3. Tires: although we haven't gone to get his new tires yet, we compromised that I would pay for a tire.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm a BARBIE girl in a BARBIE World

Barbie has only gotten more fabulous with age. Girlfriend is now 52 and she has never looked hotter!!! I now understand the obsession that designers and celebrities {Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Vera Wang, Rachel Roy, Burberry, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, Lady GaGA...just to name a few} have for this girl! She is an icon... “having dressed through the decades as a fashion model, best friend and bride, Barbie is now an object of pop art.” –The New York Times

Although I probably haven't owned a barbie doll since I was 7, I've developed a new appreciation for her. I know I'm late getting on the Barbie bandwagon but I'm dying to get my hands on the all the dolls below! Seriously CHANEL & Louboutin... Barbie can't possibly get any fiercer than that! And if you look close enough, you can spot her sportin' a Tory Burch clutch! I honestly don't know what rock I was hiding under when members of CFDA {Council of Fashion Designers of America} which include Tory Burch and other designers such as Albertus Swanepoel, Alexis Bittar, Betsey Johnson, Kate Spade, Devi Kroell, Isaac Mizrahi, Subversive Jewelry, Lorraine Schwartz, Monica Botkier, Philip Crangi, & Rachel Roy partnered up with Mattel to each customize & fabulize their very own Barbie as part of 12 Barbie Basics Auction dolls {proceeds directly benefit CFDA education initiatives and scholarship program}. Unfortunately they are no longer available on ebay.
But fortunately for us, this girl ain't goin' nowhere, which means there is plenty to look forward to... & this time I have my eyes on her! ♥

Saturday, April 2, 2011

confessions of a shopaholic

So hubby has officially put a halt on my shopping spree until further notice:( I must confess that my spending has gone a little out of hand the past few weeks. Maybe that's an understatement, I've gone completely overboard. But what can I say, a girl has needs. I can't help that spring brings me a new sense of life, which subsequently means I must also bring new life to my wardrobe:)
How can you possibly resist or say no to any of these:

***clothing not pictured due to high volulme*** but here's a little peek at my closet.

If you didn't know before then you probably know by now that I am cuuuckoo over Tory Burch shoes & bags!!! Four bags & four pairs of shoes in 3 weeks, I think that makes me an official cuckoo! I think deep down inside hubby is actually relieved about my close friendship with Tory... she is much friendlier {on his wallet} then my other" friends'' CHANEL & Louis. But as pretty and fun Tory is, I desperately miss my dear, but high maintenance friends! I hope to be seeing them or at least one of them soon. With my big 3-0 just two short months away, I know hubby will be planning a "reunion"=) So for now I will succumb to hubby's wishes because he certainly will be succumbing to mine.