Thursday, September 30, 2010

NOTEBOOK inspired

When it can down to choosing an aesthetic for my over all look, I knew I would be embracing the 1940s. The Notebook is hands down my all time favorite movie!!! After watching the movie for the very first time, I immediately fell in love with every aspect of the 1940s decade. The fashion, the glamour, the hair, the romance, and the simplicity of it all sent chills down my spine. At that moment, I wanted to be Allie Calhoun!!! Her hair and wardrobe had me screaming of envy!!! One particular scene that took my breath away was the boat ride! She looked completely flawless, and simply epitomized class!!!
Inevitably when it came to choosing a hair style, I had no doubt I would be channeling my inner Allie. During my search for the perfect "Allie" hair due, I came across a stunning picture of Meagan Fox. Right there and then, she made my life a little bit more difficult.
I became absolutely torn between the 2 looks. I love how both are 1940s inspired, but into 2 completely different ways. I knew I needed to meet with a hair stylist ASAP!!! Luckily friends of mine recommended a FAB stylist named Sarah! OMG, love her to pieces!!! The hair trial went so smoothly. I never met anyone who styled my hair so effortlessly. She instantly became my hair guru.
Both Sarah and I failed to capture a photo with the Megan Fox inspired hair before she started pinning my hair up. I guess we both got caught up in the excitement. I have always pictured myself walking down the aisle with my hair long and down. But after seeing both my options, I was most definitely in crisis!!! Even Sarah couldn't help me decide.
So when the big day came, I left it to Hurricane Earl to make the final decision! Unfortunately there was a hurricane watch on the day of my wedding (seriously of all freaken dayss! FML!!!) with a 75% chance of thunderstorms. With that probability, the choice was pretty obvious... Up do it is! And now looking back, I still would not changed a thing. Keeping my hair up left one less thing to fidget with during the night.
Ooooh and before I neglect to mention, with God's blessing, Hurricane Earl never leered his ugly head the whole day! God truly is GREAT!
He blessed BJ & I with a love story even sweeter than Allie & Noah's ♥

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

After indecisively choosing where to have our dinner rehearsal, my in-laws volunteered to host the event at their backyard. It was very generous of them to do this considering they have already done so much for us and the wedding. Initially, as grateful and appreciative as I was, I was quite reluctant to take the offer... even though financially it would take a nice load off our backs. Reason for my hesitation was I knew that if we held the rehearsal at their home, I would still be responsible in running around, decorating , setting up, cleaning up and micromanaging (something I certainly did not want to be doing 2 days before my wedding)... as oppose to going to a restaurant where everything is pretty much all set up for you. Even though BJ assured me that he and his parents would take care of everything, I knew deep down I just could not stand by and do nothing. At any other given day, I would jump at any opportunity to plan another event, but at this point I was just completely exhausted and my stress level was at its peak. In the midst of all the planning, everything definitely started to take a toll on me. I became short tempered, easily annoyed and irritable, and eventually had a mini meltdown. But after a good cry and prayer, and a very comforting fiance, I was able to breath and compose myself. And I'm happy to report that the next day, we had a wonderful dinner rehearsal. Everything came out beautifully! The food was delicious, and everyone had a great time=D
thank you for my pretty cake Jess P! you did such a FAB job
The Gifts: I've been absolutely crushing on paper suitcases for about forever now... and I'm soo excited that I've found the perfect opportunity to put them to use! Since I possibly couldn't choose just one gift for my bridal presents, I decided to get them a collection of little trinkets that I know they would all love! And these paper suitcases are the perfect way to package them all in!
♥ personalized tags♥
I ♥ these zodiac necklaces from bcbg maxazria!!! They make the perfect bridesmaid's gift! Love how the bling aligns to create each constellation and when you flip it over your specific Zodiac sign is engraved on it... It adds such a sentimental touch to each gift. Luckily for me the store had each of my MOHs/bridesmaids's Signs! And of course I just couldn't resist and had to buy one for myself!
LOL Cameras from Urban Outfitter added the perfect touch to help capture the moments.
♥ j.crew jeweled flip flops ♥
+ j.crew gift card ♥
I ♥ Kiehls!

Not pictured: MOHs also received Banana Republic bracelets and matching rings. Best men and Groomsmen also received some cool gifts: YSL Cologne, Personalized engrave beer mugs with cigars, and mini bottles of Henny!

as you can probably tell, I looked absolutely exhausted in the video! but It was worth it =D

Monday, September 27, 2010


Over 3 weeks of marital bliss and I absolutely cannot be a happier wife!!! It's slowly hitting me that after almost 2 years of being engaged and planning our wedding... it's now over... the day came and went with a snap of a finger. It truly is BITTERSWEET... makes me sad:( Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely over dealing with vendors, going over guest list, being on a budget, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and most of all the STRESS! But I can't seem to help and miss all the EXCITEMENT. Hopefully by keeping you up to speed of what has been happening, I can happily relive all the moments again =D Looking back I wish I could of relaxed a little more and absorbed and enjoyed all the days leading to the wedding. But after all is said and done... and aside from a few mishaps ( which I will go over more in detail in my future posts)... Our Wedding Day was absolute ♥ PERFECTION ♥ (or as close as it can be).
So stay tune..... Until then here is a mini video clip courtesy of Rob Navalta of Drew Vision.