Friday, June 24, 2011

hairy scary

**********{Pardon my tardiness... I wrote this entry several weeks ago and just never got around to finishing it up. Surprisingly because there was major drama involved and I mean major... with a somewhat happy ending I guess.}**********

I've convinced myself every time I enter the salon, I'm going to do something devastatingly different to my locks. But each time, I've walked away cowardly with the same 'ol do... until now.
For months, I have been plagued with the idea of getting a permanent body wave/ perm but never had the courage to go through with it. I ♥ curly locks and wished I was one of those lucky gals born with beautiful, soft, finger combing, natural waves. Unfortunately for me, my hair has the middle child syndrome. Let me elaborate... My mom has super thick tight spiral, boarder line afro do, while my pops has/had {he's balding} thin, pin straight hair... resulting in my thin, frizzy, wavy but limp hair! Yea, not a pretty look. After years of frying and torturing my hair with flat/curling irons, I finally gave it the TLC it desperately deserved, the Brazillian/ Keratin treatment. It was the best thing I have ever done! Soft, straight, silky, and manageable hair... Yes pleeeaasee!!! For 2 years my locks have been in hair heaven.
But like I said, a change was in order! I made an appointment with the salon, blocked away any second thoughts, and went straight with the plan of walking away from the salon looking like one of the lovely ladies below:

Curly/ wavy were not the words to describe the scary mess sitting on top of my head! More like zig-zags & kinks!!! It took all my energy to restrain myself from using the type of vocabulary that needed to be bleeped out every 2 seconds.... But boy was I *** bleep*** pissed!!!! I was very keen on what I wanted and specifically told the hair stylist the exact look I was aspiring for with pictures in hand. So you can only guess how upset I was after wasting over 3 hours of my time only to get the exact look I was trying to avoid!!! What was even more frustrating was the stylist who kept insisting how beautiful it was when clearly it was a disaster. I wanted to flat out tell her to "shut da ***bleep*** up. I did my best to maintain my composure but remain assertive and crystal clear on how I felt. I think she finally got the picture and tried to defuse the situation by not charging for the perm {I still paid for the color & cut which I actually really like} and offering a complimentary Keratin treatment to reverse the perm. It was the least she can do considering the disgusting nest she built on my head!

It has been 2 months since my hairy scary incident and I have yet to return for my Keratin treatment... but by choice. I decided to give it more time for my hair to rejuvenate. Although my locks are far from what I initially envision, I've learned to manage {and even like them} with the help of Moroccan Oil Products. I've always loved using Moroccan oil even when my hair was straight... it left it feeling ooh soo silky, & smooth. TDF {to die for!!!} And the best part is not an ounce of grease or residue left behind! I decided to use the oil in combination with the curling cream while my hair was still damp and let it air dry or with a diffuser... and the results... O M G!!! My locks feel and look instantly softer and healthier!!! Moroccan Oil products have been my saving grace;) Oohh can I just mention that their hairspray is freaken amazing! It gives the perfect hold without the stiffness & stickiness, and miraculously still keeping your hair soft and smelling great!
Highly Recommend

Thursday, June 23, 2011

hello there!

I thought a little hello would be appropriate since I've been quite neglectful. With the all busy-ness of the last 2 months, I've been preoccupied with a million and one fabulous things. Between a trip to California for a family wedding, planning a baby sprinkle for my sister, attending my godson Evan's Christening, a MIAMI getaway for my BFF's bachelorette extravaganza, coming to terms with the fact I'm no longer in my 20s & celebrating my Dirty 30, planning my BFF's bridal shower, updating my summer wardrobe, alone time with the hubby, more Christenings & birthdays, and oooh work of course... has kept me away from providing the undivided attention that this little blog of mine deserves.
I will do my very best to update you all with everything, but until then here is an itsy bitsy peek of how I spent my last 2 months via iphone app Instagram.