Friday, December 31, 2010

welcome 2011!


I was completely devastated {still am} when I found out I had to work on New Year's Eve! For some miraculous reason, I've always managed to weasel my way out of working this particular holiday. Seriously, who wants to spend the stroke of midnight to a new year at work?!? NOT ME!! And I certainly can care less about time & a half pay! But the main reason why I'm so upset is, this was our first New Year's Eve together as a married couple and it's sooo disappointing that I won't be locking lips with my hubby when the ball drops:( The thought of calling out of work heavily lingered through my mind, but the thought of KARMA leering over my shoulders is equally heavy. So at the end of the day, I decided to be a good girl and start the New Year off right by being a responsible nurse and bringing my @$$ to work!
While I sit here bored out of my mind, I came up with a few New Year's Resolutions:

No more playing hooky:) I will only call out of work when I have a true emergency or if I'm actualy sick.
♥ put my gym membership to use! These extra 10 lbs have over stayed their welcome!
♥ put my attitude in check and try to be more patient. I can be a major biotch sometimes
♥ this one is more of a goal than a resolution.... get my driver's license!!!
♥ travel as much as I {we} can before babies enter the picture.
♥ less procrastination!
♥ no more dipping into our savings!
♥ get serious about starting my event planning business!

01:25 am

Wow!!!! I just possibly had the sweetest New Year's Eve ever! Minutes before the stroke of midnight, my ooh sooo amazing husband shows up at my job to ring in the New Year with me! Aaaaanndd he didn't come empty handed... Along with a late dinner, he even had a bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider {non-alcoholic of course} with champagne glasses for us to toast with! CHEEEERRS to us! Isn't he awesome or what!?! It is moments like these that I'm reminded over again how unbelievably blessed I am to have a wonderful man in my life!
t h a n k you 2010 for an extraordinary year! And CHEERS to an incredible start to 2011!

Wishing everyone a Year filled with l o v e, happiness, prosperity. and health!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My favorite THINGS for 2010

With the year closely coming to an end, I decided to pay a homage to Oprah Winfrey and wrap up my year by sharing with you folks a few of my favorite things for 2010:)
In no particular order:

Unlike Oprah, unfortunately I don't have the funds to give my readers each one of these products:( But I highly recommend that you go out and give these goodies a try!
Sheeesh... I should get some kind of compensation for all these free advertisement LOL!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

all I want for Christmas...

My favorite Holiday is just around the corner and I can hardly wait! This year we are continuing our traditional Kris Kringle gift exchanges, and I'm so eager to find out which lucky 3 individuals have me! {I'm in 3 different Kris Kringles}
I ♥ the idea of having a secret Santa. Not only don't you know what gift you're getting, but you also don't know who gave it to you... Which can suck if you're in our circle of friends, because if you guess wrong = SHOT of Henney! But I must say that the best part of our gift exchange are the gag gifts! We have some pretty f#%*ed up but hilarious people in our group= D
When it comes to making a wish list, I usually know exactly what I want. This year I hit a wall. Other than the things I already have and are running low on, I didn't have much on my list. Actually let me clarify that... I have plenty of things I want, but not much that fall within the price range of our limit. Anything extravagant or pricey is usually fulfilled by my hubby, but since he already bought me the iPad... I won't have much luck getting the rest of my " I wants". I didn't realize how difficult it is trying to come up with 3 different wish list that fall within $50-$100 range {clothing not included... My sz varies so I'd rather buy those myself}. It's funny when you're shopping at the mall, you can find a million of things that you want, but when you have to sit down and write out a list, your mind goes blank. So after careful thinking, I finally came up with a list. Just remember, you can't have reality without some fantasies, so I included some "fantasy" items in hopes that one of the lucky 3s will hit the lotto before our exchange:)

Actually there is one more thing that I left out. I'm almost too ashamed to say it because it sounds a little vain. But here goes... I've been completely fixated on getting permanent laser hair removal for my underarms! I know it must sound ridiculous to some of you, but if you only knew the dilemma I have with my pits, you would understand. I don't feel like grossing out anyone so I'll omit the details. Hopefully I'll have enough funds after Christmas to get the ball rolling on my little treatment {takes 6 sessions, once a month}.

Friday, December 3, 2010

happy T H R E E months ♥

T H R E E months down and I'm still happily enjoying the married life. On some level it feels as if we have been married for years. I'm confident when I say that I k n o w my husband and he k n o w s me {we've been dating for over a decade, so we better know each other pretty well! LoL}. But there's a comfort in knowing that regardless of how long we've been together, there's still so many things that we're discovering about each other.
During these short past few months, I already feel like I've changed so much. Who would of ever thought I would swap shopping at Bloomingdales & Nordstrom for shopping @ Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Goods?!? {But let's not get it twisted, Bloomies will always be my numero UNO}
And coupons... Wow, I l♥ve them! I use to just toss them in the garbage, but now I've become a hoarder. It's unbelievable how easily blown away I am with certain household appliances. The Swiffer Duster has recently become one of new my best friends, along with my 2 in 1 ElectroLux Ergo Rapido Vacuum! Let me not forget to mention how easy doing the laundry has become with the help of my duel sorter hamper and Rowenta Compact Steamer! Yesss, BJ and I have started doing our own laundry {very embarrassed to admit that we have been very spoiled and lucky that our parents have been doing it all this time... until now}. Don't get me wrong... I'm still not a fan of doing laundry or ironing, but with the help of my new "friends", they definitely made it more tolerable. Let's face it, household chores have never been my forte, but I'm slowly learning to embrace my domestic side.
More than anything, I'm proud to say that we {yup, I said we} are even learning how to COOK. I always had a passion for baking, but cooking is completely a different story! With our weekly Sunday Family Dinner, we've been forced to tackle the kitchen. Sunday family dinner is a new tradition that was started by my cousin- in- laws and a few of our close friends. It requires each couple to rotate and take turns cooking dinner for the entire gang. At first it was completely nerve recking cooking for all these food critics, but surprisingly BJ & I actually really enjoyed the experience... And so far we haven't poisoned anyone yet:)
I'm certain that as each month passes, we'll be learning more and more about life as a married couple. Hopefully we don't kill each other in the process;)
meet my new friends:
Can't wait to put the rest of my bridal shower gifts to use! { sincerely apologize to those who's gifts we've returned and exchanged. We used the credits toward our new beddings and room decor:)}

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I scream for iPad

I must admit that I have been more than preoccupied with my new toy, the iPad . I absolutely and 100% agree with Oprah when she said "words cannot describe what I feel for this magnificent device. I really think it's the best invention of the century so far." And we all know Ms. Winfrey does not lie! I would like to take this moment to applaud (clap*clap) all the brilliant minds at APPLE. I am completely astonished how unbelievably smart and creative these folks are! Seriously, how do you come up with these things!?!
Along with my obsession comes my compelling need to find the perfect "wardrobe" to dress my new " baby" in. I'm equally amazed at the designers who came up with the perfect accessories and cases for the iPad. Below are my top FAVES.
Ooh C H A N E L how I ♥ thee!!! But why must you be so damn unattainable @ $1,555 :( That is just a tad bit ridiculous! So for now, I'll happily settle for my Hello Kitty shell case which matches perfectly with my iphone case cover.

Just to make it clear, I'm in no way expecting The CHANEL case... BUT maybe, just maybe someone will be nice and surprise me with the Louis Vuitton one :)LOL!