Sunday, August 22, 2010


As you can see I took a little hiatus from the blogging world to focus more on last minute wedding details. I cannot believe I'm marrying the ♥ of my life in just 2 short weeks! You can probably guess that I've been extremely busy these past few weeks running around and trying to get everything situated before the big day. I'm happy and relieved that aside from a few little bumps along the way, everything is just falling into place. This week especially has been a very productive week for both BJ and I. One day we both decided to play hookie from work so we can get a few important things done..... and it was definitely worth it! This week has been full of excitement.
♥ First and foremost, we finally got our marriage license... hip hip hooray. I couldn't believe how incredibly easy and fast the whole process was=)
♥ Picked up our wedding bands and I just love how my band came out exactly how I imagined!
♥ Bridesmaid dresses finally arrived!!!! You would not believe the BS I had to go through for these dresses. P*ZILLA was def in full effect! but to make a long story short, the dresses are finally here and they look gorgeous! And to top it all off, my gals get a 50% off on their alterations... it's the least that jaehee bridal can do. I just had to put them on blast, especially their associate Ellen. Just a warning: if anyone decides to go to Jaehee Bridals in Englewood NJ, do not get stuck with Ellen.... ask for someone else immediately!!!
♥ more excitingly, I had my third fitting for my gown and I'm in ♥! I admit, at first I wasn't very confident in the seamstress working with me. She just didn't seem to get my vision. But after assertive guidance, she finally got it right! and as an extra cherry to top it off, my sash arrived and it was completely breathtaking and worth every penny!!! I can't believe my dress is finally hanging in my closet... excited is not even the word!
♥ Our favors also arrived!!! I'm sooo fortunate that my cousin works for Godiva because they have such amazing and adorable favors... Gotta love friends & family discounts.... I def would not have been able to afford them for full price. So YAY for me... and for my cousin Kyle =)
♥ Met with the florist for a final approval of our tall centerpieces! He even arrange a day at the Venetian so we can envision the whole picture and have an idea on how things will look on the final day. So blown away on how great of a job he did!!! He truly was able to incorporate all my ideas and bring it to life.
♥the week before I had my hair and makeup consultations. One word fabulous. These girls are freaken awesome! Gloria, my makeup artist from Laura Mercier always does a gorgeous job on me, and she always manages to give me a new look each time. Love her to pieces! My hairstylist Sarah, was able to duplicate a picture I gave her so effortlessly! This was actually my first time going to her and couldn't believe I've been missing out this whole time. The only downside is I would have to go to the salon to get my hair done on the day of the wedding, but she's worth it.
♥ Last but not least, I was thrown a surprised bachelorette party by my bestest dolls! I was completely shocked and it was so unexpected! I had a freaken blast! I can't believe what you had me do!!! LMAO! THANK YOU LADIES FOR EVERYTHING!!! YOU GUYS ARE UNBELIEVABLE & I'M SOOOO FORTUNATE TO HAVE YOU GALS IN MY LIFE!!!
Definitely needed that last "single" night to just completely unwind and let loose, because the next 2 weeks are gonna be absolutely insane!!! I will try my best to post as much as I can before the big day... sneak peaks are on the way!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I had an amazing bridal shower and I owe it all to my beautiful bridal party, especially to my MOHs... Shay, Yvonne ,and Jessica... you ladies have definitely gone above and beyond! thank you... ♥ you gals!!! You all did an awesome job considering we had only an hour to set up everything for that day! Great team work ladies! Also a special thank you to my mom and soon to be mother-in-law for their generous contribution. BJ and I are soooo grateful for all our wonderful presents... I'm still in utter shock on how many gifts we received! I can't believe our registry was almost completely bought out! I'm so excited to start using all my new "toys"... Housewife mode will soon be in full effect! Hope you all enjoy the pictures... courtesy of my favorite photographers: Aimee, Jenelle, & Emilie ♥ They did a fabulous job capturing all the pretty little details... As you all know I'm an absolute sucker for details, and I put a great deal of time and work into creating these little touches. Thanks again ladies for all the precious moments!