Thursday, June 17, 2010

"thanks for paradise!"

In less than 24hr from now, I will officially be celebrating my bachelorette party and be whisked away to Punta Cana, DR with a few of my besties! I know that for the past few months my MOHs have been busy bees planning this getaway... I am super duper grateful & appreciative to have such fabulous and generous ladies in my life!!!
Although a bachelorette party primarily puts the spotlight on the bride to be...I would like to take this moment to thank and place the spotlight on my beautiful & dedicated MOHs & bridesmaids!!!
As an itsy bitsy token of appreciation, I decided to put a little sum-summ'm together for my dolls joining me on this getaway...
No matter what anyone says... I still &hearts OLD NAVY!!! They have ohh soo plenty of summer/beach accessories to choose from. I was able to purchase these cute beach towels... and what's a summer without Old Navy flip flops!
In addition I found these adorable little templates to incorporate into my personalized tags that added an extra flair of paradise.

hope you enjoy them ladies... and NOW it's time for some FUN IN THE SUN!!!
p.s. Project Bridal Party Gifts already in full effect....

Monday, June 14, 2010

signed... sealed... & delivered

Today I sealed each one of my invitations with a kiss and mailed them off!!! AAahhh...I must say that it feels great to finally be rid of them!{one more off the check list}. A big thanks to the fillipino postman for being so sweet and accommodating. Instead of hand canceling each invitation myself... he was kind enough to do it for me and place them neatly in a separate bid so they don't get mixed up with all the regular junk mails. I hope & pray that they all arrive to you safe & sound!!!
P.S. a friendly reminder: pretty pretty please... do not forget to send out your RSVP whether you plan on attending or not!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

three months

I cannot believe another month just flew on bye!!! Time is definitely just ticking away! I must say that May was a very productive month. I was able to tackle and check off some biggies on my to do list:
*honeymoon check
*invitations sealed and ready for delivery check
*engagement photos check
*bridal registry check (although I need a second trip with the ladies)
* make up and hair trial check (but I def need another one... so far not a satisfied bride)
*reception dress hanging beautifully in my closet check ( it does need some slight alterations)
I am in much need of some R&R at this point. The timing could not be any more perfect because in less than 3 wks I will be off to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for my bachlorette party with some of my sexy dolls
*shopping for DR definitely CHECK!!!
Without a doubt I will be taking advantage of this tropical getaway because I know the upcoming months will be absolute bananas!!!