Thursday, March 24, 2011

gettin' my booties on

As you may recall from my Christmas Wish List, I've been dying to get the Tory Burch Halima Suede Booties for about forever now. Well, imagine my excitement when I woke up this afternoon and opened an email for Tory Burch's Private Sale. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the booties are now only $128!!! That's bananas considering they originally cost $450!!! I've seen them go on sale for $248, but $128... now that's something to do cartwheels for!!!
One dilemma I did have was trying to choose which color to go for. Black is always hot & classic, but I'm just lovin the distress look on the walnut color. And I couldn't believe they carried my size on both.... which makes deciding 10x harder. So in the end, instead of doing the eenie meenie miney moe, I decided to... hunny don't kill me... get both! I just couldn't turn down a great sale!!! Come on, the price of both pairs is equivalent to half of the original price of one pair!!! Can't go wrong with that!!
Now, I know they're last season but I just don't give a flyin' flute!!! Whether I pair them up with shorts and a blazer, or a dress with a motorcycle jacket, I'm gonna find a way to fit them into my spring wardrobe! And of course, fall will be waiting patiently for them.

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