Monday, August 22, 2011

MAC attack

I've been coveting a Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch for some time now, and luckily with our pending one year anniversary {one week and 4 days to be exact} it doesn't take much to convince hubby my need to have a new bag yet again.
During our trip to the mall this weekend, I had my ♥ set on expanding my all things leopard collection by walking away with the Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah MAC Clutch. But to my disappointment {absolutely crushed} Nordstrom sold out on the item not only in the store but also on their website {which was available just the day before}! Rudeness!!!
Staying true to my nature, I just could not leave the store empty handed so I happily settled for the classic black leather MAC clutch. I know, kinda boring but I just couldn't resist. The hint of tassles and gold hardware & removable chain gave the bag just the right sprinkle of bad-ass that I soo love! Besides you can never go wrong with black right!?!
Below are my top faves for the coming fall season:
Although I love my new bag, the RM Cheetah Clutch is still haunting me even this very second! I found it available at Zappos and with my credit card in my hand I was ready to fully surrender to temptation. Normally I just let my impulses get the best of me, but with the expenses I have this week for my bestie & cousin's wedding {alterations, jewerly, shoes, hair, makeup, gift, & hotel room}, I knew I had to be practical. But even with practicalitly in mind, it still took every once of restraint I had from clicking the submit button. I guess I can wait until next week's payday... wink;)

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