Friday, September 9, 2011

FFF: YSL Arty Ring

I first laid eyes on this little masterpiece here in the great world of blogasphere over a year ago, and ever since it has been seducing me. The mere fact that it has a YSL label made it more alluring {Hi! I'm a label whore}. Although I was deeply crushing on this bad boy, it fell short in priority on my list... and also hubby thought it was ugly! shocking! What the heck do boys know right!
For a year I maintained my crush until one day I saw Arty in person wrapped around another woman's finger! My crush immediately turned into lust! I couldn't believe how gorgeous and truly eye catching it is! Definitely a standout piece! I knew it had to be mine.
With our One Year Anniversary just around the corner, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to convince hubby that this beauty belongs to me. Initially hubs and I agreed we would not get each other gifts for our anniversary because we're in the midst of planning a getaway trip this fall instead.... but lucky for me hubby just couldn't say no, and 2 weeks before our anni I received my Arty! love you babe! { I just had to add that}
Although I was torn between the pink, blue, and green glass stone, I chose pink because I knew it would look beautiful with my MOH dress for my bestie's wedding. But now I'm obsessively crushing on both the blue and green stone. Aaaahh, Christmas can't come any sooner ;)


  1. These are quite the statement piece and absolutely awesome! I like the green glass one!

  2. I love these rings! Not usually a fan of statement rings, I think this is something worth investing in!

  3. Why did you have to wait for your husband to buy it for you? It's a really cheap ring, only costs about $300 right?


Thanks dolls for all the love!!!